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Sto Development

STO Development

Security Tokens are digital securities or digital financial assets that represent the value of tradable assets (securities) such as real estate or gold. A Security Token Offering or STO refers to the process of trading Security Tokens in exchange for funds from investors for a new project or company. Security Tokens must be compliant with federal regulations of specific regions. Owing to the liquidity and features of security tokens, more blockchain startups are now choosing STO to build investors’ trust in their projects. Security Token Offering (STOs) a much hyped business of this year, seems arresting interest of the people in the panorama of Cryptocurrency. It has become so popular that industry experts are seeing this as next market mover, having capability to capture a multi-trillion market.

Tokens are generally of two types: Security Token and Utility Token. Utility Token is a digital token of Cryptocurrency which is used to generate fund and later can be used to buy goods or services. While Security Token is an amalgamation of digital assets and traditional economic instruments. They act as an identifier of your traditional belongings such as a bond, debt, and actual property.


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Sto Development