Blockchain Wallet Development

The Blockchain is an open-source decentralized technology which stores every transaction of digital currency. Initially, the advent of blockchain in the market was for providing a secure cryptocurrency exchange platform. But, today, the technology can work for almost every kind of transaction including goods, value, property, and money.

A blockchain wallet store private and public keys for a transaction. The wallet interacts with multiple Blockchains to validate a transaction, enabling users to purchase or sell one or multiple cryptocurrencies. The Blockchain is also considered as a prime technology used for storing and exchanging of other crypto coins. Due to this fact, the demand and popularity of Blockchain-based application development and Cryptocurrency Wallets development have been rising.

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Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet

Blockchain Wallet Development Services

Cryptocurrency wallets are software programs specifically designed for the management of the digital assets.
When you own a Crypto wallet, you have one or more addresses corresponding to a pair of either public or a private key.

2-factor authentication

Optional for the user to setup 2-factor authentication.

Auto denial of duplicate payments

This feature is of a great use since Bitcoin & other cryptocurrency systems does not allow charge-back.

New public key auto generation, for every new transaction

This feature makes it hard for frauds to follow the ownership of coins.

Faster and Cheaper

Transactions with Cryptocurrency, tends to be far faster and often with no fees

Protected Against Inflation

The quantity of a certain cryptocurrency would never surpass certain amount. So this currency is protected from inflation.

User-owned, User-generated

Crytocurrency users can invest in equipment and mine their own cryptocurrency.

Crypto App Factory

Smartcontract Creation : A computer protocol within blockchain network intended to follow every specific regulation without any third-parties.

Smartcontract Creation

Making every exchanges and transaction simple with ERC20 token standards, integrated within your ICO development services.

Organized supply chain

Creating a unique and attractive ICO website with best UI/UX template designs. It’s a key factor during the ICO campaign/token sale event.

Faster payment processing

A clean and neat dashboard with custom panels, insights, analytics, reports etc. available for admin and investor profiles separately.

Decentralized Storage

Make transaction with simple and secure methods that range from fiat money, Bitcoin, Eth and top cryptocurrencies etc.

Cloud Services

A special Sponsor Bonus is rewarded for a potential investor introducer for bringing in new investment. Sponsor Bonus may be in ICO token

User Interface