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Crypto Payment Forwarder

CRYPTO-CURRENCY PAYMENT GATEWAY. If you don’t have your own nodes, use our payment forwarder wedget Box on your site – Accept Payments Online – No Charge backs, Global, Anonymous, Secure, Seamless and private integration of digital currency payments in eCommerce. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin support. No redirection to third party websites during checkout.

One of the well-known benefits of cryptocurrency is the ability to allow users to partake in online commerce without necessarily requiring extensive setup barriers, like registering new accounts. In that spirit, our Payment Forwarding API is the easiest way to accept—and consolidate—payments securely without forcing your users to create accounts and jump through unnecessary loops. It’s also a generic way to automatically transfer value from one address to another. While there are many possible use cases, the two we hear most about are:


A way to generate payment-specific addresses for which funds will automatically transfer to a main merchant address. Great for automatic merchandise (whether physical or virtual) processing.

A method to easily fund a multi signature address from any wallet by providing a classic address that will automatically transfer to the multisignature/pay-to-script-hash address.

crypto payment forwarder