Multicurrency Wallet

A multicurrency wallet stores all the significant crypto related assets. One such wallet must be built with a keen eye for security. Also, people with great knowledge and experience in the field of blockchain are needed for a trustworthy output.
Each wallet will be rated on the basis of its type, ease of use and other functionalities. An important parameter that needs to be highlighted while reviewing the wallets is their security options.
The wallet allows users to instantly convert from one cryptocurrency to another. Currencies include bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Peercoin, Dash, Monero, Factom, Dogecoin, Vericoin, Namecoin, Clam Project and Vertcoin.

Why develop Multicurrency Wallet?

  • Protected against Inflation
  • Not controlled by governments
  • User – generated
  • Faster and Cheaper
Private Blockchain

Crypto App Factory

The coding services that we implement allow for hassle free fast transactions.

Fast Transaction

Securing the wallet with user account with password and pin, adhering to all the precautions one need for securing an app.


By implementing the 2FA (2 factor authentication), we make sure to keep your wallets as secure as possible.

Two factor Authentication