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Blockchain Real Estate

Blockchain in Real Estate

Real estate remains the largest asset class in the world. Several industries have lately discovered the sheer amount of positive utility the blockchain technology into their space.


Blockchain technology could have a major effect on the real estate industry, from property purchasing to due diligence to title management. We identify the early adopters and potential impact.


Blockchain technology operates through decentralized peer-to-peer platforms, building resilience against the spread of corrupted information and boosting resistance to fraud.


Blockchain real estate startups tokenize an asset ensuring that sellers actually own the property and that the buyer has the funds to cover it through cryptographic smart contracts. A blockchain can seamlessly verify all this data instantly, reducing the time and the total cost of the transaction.


How Blockchain works on Real Estate


Blockchains prevent any data manipulation once the information is on the distributed ledger. As a result, the technology records data permanently, efficiently, and transparently so that all parties involved can see the history of transactions.


The blockchain technology will allow for the democratization of real estate properties. It will open up the gates for potential investors from across the world to try their hand in real-estate investment.


Most real estate transactions are still conducted through wire transfers and require costly verification processes that can take days to complete. Blockchain-based transactions could enable a streamlined process which delivers quickly and reduces costs.