EOS Blockchain Development

EOS can process significant number of transactions per second with sub second latencies thus can support real-world use cases serving millions of users. EOS Blockchain Development is aiming to become the first decentralized operating system which is capable enough to support industrial-scale decentralized applications. Hence, we can say that it introduces a new Blockchain architecture for scaling of D-apps. EOS Blockchain is aiming to become a decentralized operating system which can support industrial-scale decentralized applications.

Our EOS Blockchain Development Team can build and deploy scalable applications which can scale to millions of transactions in a second. Our EOS Blockchain Developers can quickly identify off-chain and on-chain entities, data storage requirements, hosting infrastructure requirements, microservices, interfaces and third-party integrations for any industrial use-case.

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EOS does not require any fee for each transaction, however in order to use Bandwidth, Computation & Storage, a sender needs to pay EOS tokens.

Free Transactions

EOS can achieve few thousands of transactions per second and has the potential to scale further.


EOS platform is robust enough to fix bugs as it allows the block producers to replace the account’s code without hard forking the entire blockchain.

Easy Upgrades & Bug Recovery

EOS can support Inter blockchain communication with Proof Of Action sequence. These proofs could be combined with an application architecture to interact with other blockchains.

Inter Blockchain Communication

A Smart Contract is an application of Blockchain, a technology that is unlocking the potential of business value.

Smart Contracts

The EOS platform supports all required features for developing, hosting and using the dApps, like providing secure access and authentication, and communication between the dApps and the Internet.

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