Blockchain in Fintech

Fintech on Blockchain is fast disrupting the financial industry. The speed and scale of this disruption will mainly depend on the adoption of the new economy by the users.

Today, Fintech blockchain applications are a normal part of the business world. The blockchain space is now over a decade old, and there are numerous government blockchain applications being tested.


Fintech would hoist business to business (B2B), business to consumers (B2C) and consumers. Apprehending with the current scenario, Crypto app factory has entered this emerging new world of Fintech with broad offerings in several verticals. The idea is to grasp “how people transact” and innovate it with technological interventions thus pacing up with this explosive financial growth.


Fintech provide ultimate solutions to small and medium businesses. The advanced Fintech methods help the business organizations in carrying forwarding easy and fast funding options.

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