EOS Blockchain Development

EOS Blockchain is aiming to become a decentralized operating system which can support industrial-scale decentralized applications. EOS can process significant number of transactions per second with sub second latencies thus can support real-world use cases serving millions of users.



Our EOS Blockchain Development Team can build and deploy scalable applications which can scale to millions of transactions in a second. Our EOS Blockchain Developers can quickly identify off-chain and on-chain entities, data storage requirements, hosting infrastructure requirements, microservices, interfaces and third-party integrations for any industrial use-case.


EOS Blockchain for Dapps

The EOS platform supports all required features for developing, hosting and using the dApps development, like providing secure access and authentication, permissioning, data hosting, usage management, and communication between the dApps and the Internet.



The EOS ecosystem is faster, simpler and more convenient than Ethereum, and therefore more suitable for the development of DApp. We build DApps, Apps and Platform systems for scalable and enterprise ventures based on blockchain technology with a specialization in Ethereum and EOS.


EOS Blockchain Services

i. Wallets and Decentralized Exchanges

We are EOS blockchain Development Company with expertise in multi signature wallets; escrow based dApps and decentralized exchanges (DEX) development.


ii. dApps

Our EOS Blockchain Development has expertise in developing dApps for Mobile and Web Platforms on EOS. We have successfully built dApps for Supply Chain, Healthcare and Fintech Industry.


iii. Smart Contracts Audit

We understand inefficiencies and security flaws in deployed smart contracts can be very expensive. We help our clients identify threats in the smart contract code to bring security.


iv. Token and Asset Issuance Contracts

We have successfully deployed Ethereum token and crowdsale contracts. Our EOS Blockchain Developers can issue tokens, create custom bounty programs and manage users and investors.


v. Easy Upgrades and Bug Recovery

EOS platform is robust enough to fix bugs as it allows the block producers to replace the account’s code without hard forking the entire blockchain.


vi. Free Transactions

EOS does not require any fee for each transaction, however in order to use Bandwidth, Computation & Storage, a sender needs to pay EOS tokens.

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